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Publication plans....redux?

Another blog entry on pub plans? OK, It seemed like a good idea when I first thought of it because pub plans are important and many medical writers get involved in writing them. They are important because phase 2 through phase 4 industry-sponsored, academic and publicly funded drug and medical-devic...



Want to learn about equity research? Start managing your own equity portfolio, sort of…

One of the best ways to start understanding what it is like to be an equity analyst is to start following the markets and putting your ideas to work. Now I am not suggesting you go find a broker and hand over your life savings. Most of you, as I was at that time in my career, probably don’t have m...



How to write a great recommendation letter – for yourself

The first thing I learned in graduate school had nothing to do with PCR or cell culture. Walking the halls of the lonely ivy-covered ivory tower, I learned that you are your own absolute best (and sometimes, only) advocate. Nobody, not even your kindly mentor/advisor, will look out for you the same ...



News, news and more news…staying on top of current events is part of an equity analyst’s job.

Part of an analyst’s job (a pretty big part, by the way) is staying on top of current developments and how these may affect a sector’s or, more specifically, company’s performance. The internet has provided investors many sources for news, opinions and commentary, though some are more reliable...



Publication planning....say what?

In academia and medical research, the majority of my writing involved research grants and publication manuscripts. Success in one drove success in the other, a relationship that some of us saw as a “vicious cycle” and others as an “upward spiral.” More planning efforts went toward the resear...



Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…in industry

This is a special week for me. In a couple of days, I will celebrate 20 years in this country and take my citizenship oath. Yep, I will become a US Citizen and promise to defend the Constitution. I will attain the last piece of the American Dream and what a dream it has been! I came to this count...



Adventures in Science – Venturing Outside Your Comfort Zone

I’d have to say that my favorite kind of science is the interdisciplinary kind. Projects are often collaborative, bringing together folks from different fields. One of my research projects is just that – a combination of cell biology, material science, and high-energy physics. Conveniently, my p...


Ex Lab

High School and the Gender Gap (or How I Almost Gave Up on Science)

Sometimes we know what we want to do in a general way, but have trouble imagining the specifics. I knew I was interested in science and wanted to ‘do science’, but was unsure what that looked like.



Your Mission Statement

Companies develop mission statements to clearly state the goals and intentions of the organization. An individual can greatly benefit from a professional mission statement by defining particular career aspirations. Many people may simply transfer from one position to another as opportunities arise...



The interview: hold 'em or fold 'em?

Well, it is a gamble, sort of, isn't it? You've read their ad or posting, or listened to the head hunter and said “yes, I can do that,” or “I'd like that.” They've read your reply to their ad or posting, or listened to the head hunter and said, “maybe he can do this,” or “maybe he's th...