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Reineke Pohlhaus

How to Attract a Headhunter

Ever been contacted by a headhunter?  I have. It was very flattering. . .The number one way to attract a headhunter is to have a LinkedIn profile and keep it active. The headhunter that contactedme use my LinkedIn profie, which is the method that tons of companies are using to do their recruiti...



LinkedIn Debunked – Part II

In the first part I covered your Linkedin profile, its importance and how to build your network. In this post we will take it to the next step – groups, endorsements, influencers and what not.Join the right groups


Reineke Pohlhaus

To Comment or Not to Comment

To comment or not to comment … that is the question. So I was listening to this program on Science Friday recently called “Preserving Science News in an Online World,” and the discussion was about the pros and cons of allowing comments on science news and blogs. 



Medical writing: uncovered

Last week, at a seminar by the CEO of a medical communications company, I finally discovered what medical writing really is!  Although I have spent a significant chunk of my academic career dedicated to writing, I hadn’t considered the possibility that this might lead to a job in itself. When...



Listening at Hearings at the FDA

Last month, I attended two days of hearings at the FDA campus in White Oak, MD.  The first day concerned two neuroscience molecules, gabapentin and paroxetine, both being evaluated for the treatment of menopausal vasomotor symptoms.



Congrats but you are moving to the dark side…..

When the announcement came out, I knew there was no going back.  “I am pleased to announce that Marielena (Maty) Mata will be moving into a new development role in the Oncology Strategic Marketing group on July 1, 2012”.  It was a Friday afternoon and, though many of my colleagues were...



Finding My First Job as a Curriculum Writer

After I defended my PhD in 2011, it took more than a year before I had my first Real Job. It still makes me squirm to think about the gap, especially knowing what I know now: my first job was a job I had never heard of while in graduate school.



Radioactivity – The Isotope who loved me!

I recently watched Skyfall, the new James Bond film, and it made me think of spy’s.  More importantly, how they die in movies (and real life).  I kept thinking of From Russia with Love and Rosa Klebb who tried to kill Bond with a poisoned knife in her shoe.  From poisons, I started ...



Prescription Drug Crimes: Compounding -- Part V

I am sure everyone who reads these blogs on Bio Careers is familiar with the on-going story about the outbreak of fungal meningitis traced to contaminated compounded corticosteroids used to treat back pain. The index case was described in the New England Journal of Medicine (Nov 29,2012) as a man in...



Like to write?

If you have followed some of my previous postings here on Bio Careers, then you may know that I am a freelance writer. My career path didn’t start there, however, and it took a few unforeseen twists and turns. I suppose I could say that I may not be where I’d planned to go, but I think I am wher...